Why Cg?

At Cg we believe in the power of the spoken word to drive positive change. Expressing your ideas clearly, meaningfully and persuasively is a fundamental skill in the world we inhabit and we can help you and your organization craft and deliver memorable public speaking, whether you are communicating with an audience of one or hundreds.

At Cg we believe in the uniqueness of each human being.
We also know how crowded and noisy our world is. Identifying your purpose and aligning it with your identity, style and values is a necessary step for anyone wanting to succeed personally and professionally.

Finding your direction, crafting your messages and merging those with the principles you stand for is magical and Cg can help you build the Public Speaking & Personal Branding you need to thrive in this new and exciting world.

Coaching for You

Investing in yourself is the best investment and investing in your capacity to communicate, influence, persuade, motivate, inspire and improve the world will never stop paying you dividends.

Corporate Coaching

The best growth vehicle for your organisation is to tell the world your story and your teams need to be ready to tell it as it deserves to be told.

Social Coaching

Real change in poverty, gender equality, scientific literacy, education and so many other areas we ought to improve, begins with a word. Raise your voice to raise others!

Connect With Us

Tell us about your needs, problems, questions, curiosities, ambitions, plans, projects, challenges, difficulties, desires, aspirations…and we will be delighted to listen to you and to help you. You can email us, connect with us on LinkedIn or through our favourite channel…give us a call!

Coaching begins with a conversation. So does successful communication.