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3 Amazon strategies

your personal brand should copy

If we fast forward 100 years in human history and take a SpaceX look at human evolution, one could argue that alongside fire and agriculture, language and the industrial revolution and the more recent scientific and technological phases of mankind, Amazon is the latest big signpost in our collective progress as a species.

I’ve never been pro comparison. We’re all unique with something special to offer. However, in the context of personal development, making professional progress and succeeding in life it’s always a good idea to see what other ‘successful’ humans are doing and take from them what works for you. I recently realized that it’s not just successful humans that you may compare yourself with or imitate but corporations too; you’d just need to apply the lessons you learn from such comparison exercise to your scale.

If you look at some of the most successful companies in the world, there are 3 traits that they all share and you could/should copy: they invest in knowledge and talent (for you that means ongoing education), they invest in markets and other companies (for you that means building a passive income infrastructure) and they increase efficiencies and improve processes (for you that means focusing on what you really want to do in life and leading a minimalist existence, across the board). Great, so far so good. But not all companies that do these are as successful as Amazon. Amazon has 3 additional secrets that set them apart and will set you apart too! These are:

  • Transportation & Negotiation: Amazon is a logistics company. Not ecommerce, not content streaming, not SAS, not online retail. Amazon negotiates good prices and discounts on as many products as possible and then moves them from A (distribution centers) to B (your home) as quickly as possible either on a truck or via the internet. The lesson for us all here is: you have to be very clear about and very focused on what really you are about in the midst of the daily noise and distraction. What can you do really well, with minimal cost (to you) and maximum profit?
  • Marketing: like many other successful companies (think Apple), Amazon’s logo is ultra-simple (a ‘smile’ pointing from A to B) and their presence is ubiquitous. On TV, on the radio, on your phone, on your email browser, on your parcels, on your streaming experience, on your daily purchases, they even bring food to us now! When you find your ‘transportation and negotiation’ niche make sure everyone knows and social media offers you a massively efficient opportunity for you to do that (there’s a reason why Amazon didn’t appear 25 years earlier…). Whether we like it or not, globalization and social media are here to stay and in the interest of survival you’d rather be in.
  • The Bezos Factor: I once saw Suzanne Vega perform live at the Cornbury Festival and she described some of her best songs as being mysterious. Such is Mr Bezos aura, mysterious, inaccessible, exclusive, successful, smart. Well, that’s you. Being on social media (or, rather, having your business/brand on social media) doesn’t mean everyone needs to know everything about you or your life. Keep a level of secrecy and privacy that will keep your ‘audience’ interested and wanting more from you. Your Bezos factor is your ability to pull and push, speak and shut up, give and take as and when necessary. Nobody wants an all-out character (we had Trump for that). We want a Suzanne Vega’s song playing nicely, leaving other humans wanting more from you, relatives, friends, customers and even enemies (if any!).

Your (professional) life and your brand need a strategy and being eclectic is always a good way to build yours. Why not learn from the best? Amazon is transforming our lives. Its success can be replicated, by you, on you. Keep an eye on what works well for them, changes they make and how they innovate and try and find a way to apply their strategies to your own. It may sound a bit extreme, but it’s worth a try 😊

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