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The Public Speaking Manifesto

I recently read ‘The World as It Is’ by Ben Rhodes. As well as making me think about the world we live in, its many challenges and flaws, it made me think about the world we could live in, its many strengths and opportunities. More profoundly, it made me think (and compelled me to write) about how we can get further away from the world as it is and closer and closer to the world as it should be by speaking up and speaking out on behalf of the movements, the causes and the people we believe in.

Let me make clear that ‘the world as it is’ is a terrific place. It can be better though and when our planet, our civilization, and our own existence are threatened by so many (some self-inflicted) dangers, there is a ray of hope, a ray of light, a ray of optimism that keeps me positive. The belief that we can change our world by using our voices, by speaking publicly and, in doing so, both articulating and solving the problems of our generation. The belief that if you genuinely, strongly and unreservedly believe in something, you ought to speak up about it.

If you have met me or read some of my previous articles you will know how much I believe in the power of words to drive positive change in our world, how much I believe in the power of Public Speaking to get us closer to ‘the world as it should be’. This is my Public Speaking Manifesto:

Public Speaking needs to be discussed, taught, learnt, mentored, coached, practiced, elevated and recognized. My belief is that Public Speaking:

  1. Is a fundamental part of our humanity: speaking makes us human; public speaking makes us empathetic and influential humans
  2. Is a priceless heritage from antiquity: the Greeks and the Romans understood the positive impact of polishing and practicing your rhetoric. The fact that we have ignored such value for so long doesn’t mean ignorance ought to continue
  3. Is fun: open to experimentation, body language and healthy flirtation!
  4. Advances your career: successful people communicate successfully and they do so in the public forum, all the time
  5. Will increase social justice: from homelessness to mental health, solving the injustices of our world starts with a message, a point, a word, a speech
  6. Will help extinguish gender inequality: I will just say that our daughters and nieces and granddaughters deserve our courage to speak up, now!
  7. Will translate and disseminate science: I think we all agree that the paramount importance and pace of scientific discovery needs to be translated into plain English and shared with the masses
  8. Will empower the next generation: we must lead by example. And the robots are coming!
  9. Is your Right and your Choice: like voting rights, the right to raise our voice shouldn’t be ignored or underused. Embrace it!
  10. Needs to happen now: we live in exciting times. The time is now to Speak Up and Speak Out for the causes that matter!

In every home, in every school, in every office. Public Speaking for LIFE. Public Speaking for YOU. Public Speaking for CHANGE.

Public Speaking for the world as it should be.

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