What does Cg offer you?

We have chosen the term ‘coaching’ to describe our services because it brings together the concepts of training, mentoring, self-development, learning and progress into one unique transformational experience. In the case of public speaking is even more appropriate because at Cg we believe there is a Public Speaker in You, there is a Public Speaker in all of us and coaching is the best way to unleash it! We offer individual coaching sessions for those in one of the following scenarios:

  • you like public speaking and you want to take it to the next level
  • you dislike public speaking but you realize its importance in today’s world and need a hand with the first steps
  • you have an important upcoming social or professional event where you will be speaking and you want to make sure you are ready
  • you want to progress your career
  • you want to build/strengthen your personal brand
  • you struggle with nerves when speaking socially or at work
  • you want to increase confidence and gravitas so that others listen

If your case doesn’t match any of the scenarios listed above we would still be happy to hear from you and have a conversation about how we can help you.

We all speak (in public) daily and we do so with people who have the capacity to influence our lives. From the bus driver who takes us to work and the barista who serves our macchiato to our work colleagues, friends and relatives. However, not many of us pay attention to what we say or how we say it. If, as well as speaking, we have to do it in front of a group, the challenge is increased by fear and nerves. (Almost) nobody enjoys being the centre of attention when they speak and the rest are in silence!

Cg helps you with the communication challenges that life brings at weddings, funerals, job interviews, networking, work presentations, speeches, work meetings with your bosses and your bosses’ bosses. If you want to move forward your life and your career, what you say and how you say it matters and we help you find, design and improve your style so that those who listen will notice (and envy you!).

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We run group corporate coaching sessions. We specialize in leadership and customer-facing teams such as C-Suite, Board, Sales and Marketing . A coordinated, clear, simplified, focused public speaking strategy is fundamental to any organization’s success and we can help you with:

  • public Speaking
  • communication on Zoom video calls and YouTube videos
  • communication strategy implementation
  • product launch communication
  • corporate presentations
  • keynote or special events speeches
  • conference presentations
  • strategy + Mission + Brand alignment
  • corporate Storytelling
  • creating a Speakers Bureau / Thought Leadership Speakers Team

It takes a village…to raise a child. And it takes funds, a team, passion and advice to grow a business. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the organization’s internal universe and a fresh, external perspective can add value and move projects forward through mentoring and coaching.

Nobody teaches us Public Speaking at school or university and now your bosses and clients expect you to be an expert orator who speaks proficiently on internal presentations, presentations to clients and speeches at conferences and fairs. Moreover, recent circumstances have forced us to become experts in online communication on video calls, online interviews and webinars. Suddenly, we’re all expected to know how to use Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and the stressfully wide range of available options. And nobody is ready!

Cg helps your leadership, sales and marketing teams to adapt and prosper in this new environment through 1-3 days on-site seminars or their online version via webinar in shorter sessions delivered over days or weeks depending on your availability.

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There are many more areas where we believe we can add value. The ones we have a passion for are:

  • Public Speaking for Conferences: preparing conference speakers so that they are ready to step on the stage, feel comfortable, enjoy the experience and make sure their audiences and the conference organizers are satisfied too.
  • Public Speaking for Scientists and Researchers: helping scientists ‘translate’ their research into a language we can all understand and apply to the present world. From neuroscience to physics and technology, the world needs an explanation from our research community in ‘plain English’.
  • Public Speaking for Schools and Universities: partnering with schools to empower the next generation – our children are exposed to increasingly complex scenarios which are difficult to communicate. It is our responsibility to equip them with the communication tools they need to thrive and succeed. Because the standard academic curriculum doesn’t include any formal training on communication or public speaking, we fill that dangerous gap.
  • Public Speaking for Leadership: supporting CEOs and C-Suite executives with their speech writing and speech delivery on key public events so that we can all benefit from the lessons of their work
  • Public Speaking for Business: adding value to Business Schools’ Executive programs
  • Public Speaking for Charities: fighting for social justice

Planet Earth is an incredibly advanced place. We, its most prosperous and devastating of species, are incredibly advanced and, ironically, we have also created countless problems that we seem unable to solve. The solution to those problems begins with speaking about them in way that it motivates and inspires- simply, clearly, persuasively.

Cg supports not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, business women, politicians, researchers, students and business schools so that they can articulate their messages to increase social justice.

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